Rowleys Tires and Automotive Services is your one-stop source to accessorize your vehicle. We provide quality Draw-Tite towing packages, the most trusted name in trailer hitches.

We carry a wide range of products that are designed to complement the styling of your vehicle. Our Certified Master Technicians can help you decide what is best for your towing needs.


drawbarThe Drawbar is a solid coupling between your vehicle and the load you are hauling. Drawbars are commonly used when hauling both large and small industrial and recreational equipment. Removeable drawbars and ball mounts enhance the appearance of your vehicle when not in use.








Hitch Balls

hitch_ball_lgDraw-Tite hitch balls are solid steel constructed and engineered to meet all safety requirements and give you years of trouble free service under the most demanding conditions. These hitch balls are cold-forged for superior strength, and then chrome or zinc plated to prevent corrosion.

When selecting a hitch ball our Master Certified Technicians can help you decide which one is correct for your trailer.  At Rowleys Tires & Automotive Services, we take the time to discuss your needs so we can properly select the best hitch ball for you.







Brake Controllers

brake-controllerRowleys Tires & Automotive Services carries a variety of brake controllers made to meet your requirements for operational control, weight class, hauling vehicle capabilities and other factors. Our electronic brake controllers are devices that supply power from the two vehicles to the trailer’s electric brakes. Brake controllers are assigned to one of two main categories, proportional brake controllers or time delayed brake controllers.

  • Timed Brake Controllers are a good choice for your basic, economical, and light duty towing needs. These controls have solid state electronics and can be mounted in any position, horizontal, vertical, even turned upside down. With the timed brake controller, when you step on the vehicle brakes, a predetermined amount of braking power is sent to the trailer and then there is a delay as the unit goes into full braking power. The benefits of timed brake controllers are quick and easy installation and the ability to integrate with the late-mode OEM wiring harness in your vehicle.
  • Proportional-based controls offer a smooth braking response to almost any stop. Through the use of a sensing device, these brakes deliver power to the trailer brakes in direct relationship to the actual physical deceleration of the tow vehicle. This controller senses how quickly the tow vehicle is stopping and applies the same amount of braking power to the trailer. The benefits are the same as the timed brake controllers with an added benefit, when properly adjusted, the trailer will decelerate at the same rate as the tow vehicle, increasing braking efficiency and reducing brake wear.

Bike Carriers

rowleys bike rack 062413 No matter the type or style of bike being transported, we offer a variety of hitch mounted quality bike carriers. Designed with stylish function, our bike carriers have everything you would expect and need for transporting your bikes.

  • 2, 3, & 4 Bike Carriers
  • Padded cradles to protect your bikes
  • Fits Most sizes & styles of bicycles
  • Models to fit 1-1/4” & 2” receiver hitchers



Cargo Carriers

cargo carriersRowleys Tires & Automotive Services has a wide selection of Draw-Tite Cargo Carriers designed to your specific needs. There is a variety of systems available that will carry and store your items.

Models are available that hold up to 500 lbs. Our cargo systems can be lockable or adjustable and have mesh bottoms for easy clean up or come in a solid floor model. Ask our Master Certified Technicians which cargo carrier system will be right for you.

  • Adventure System
  • Adjustable Cargo Carrier
  • Economy Cargo Carrier
  • Fixed 1-1/4 Cargo Carrier
  • Fixed 2 Cargo Carrier
  • Folding Cargo Carrier
  • Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier
  • Polypropylene Cargo Carrier
  • Premium Folding Cargo Carrier
  • Solid Floor Cargo Carrier
  • Cargo Carrier w/Optional Ramp
  • Tire Carrier

Nerf Bars

3inch Stainless Nerf Bars3″ stainless steel nerf bars are available at Rowleys Tires & Automotive Services. Nerf bars can act as a step to ease entry and exit from your vehicle or to help prevent damage to the sides of the vehicle. Ask one of our qualified sales associates to help you choose the nerf bar that will look good on your vehicle and fit your needs.

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