Transmission & Drive Train

In your vehicle the transmission adapts the output of the combustion engine to drive the wheels. The engines need to operate at a relatively high rotational speed, which is inappropriate for starting, stopping and driving in slow traffic. Your transmission reduces the higher engine speed to the slower wheel speed increasing torque in the process.

The transmission is generally connected to the engine crankshaft with the output of the transmission is transmitted via the drive shaft to one or more differentials, which in turn drive the wheels. The differential could provide gear reduction; its primary purpose is to permit the wheels at either end of the axle to rotate at different speeds as it changes the direction.

Rowleys Tires and Automotive Services offers complete transmission and drive train services by our Master Certified Technicians for both foreign and domestic vehicles, following your manufacturer’s guidelines. We offer the following services to help keep your vehicle on the road:

  • Transmission Flush
  • Transmission Filter Change
  • Rear & Front Differential Service
  • Transfer Case Service
  • U-Joint Inspection
  • CV Axle Inspection
  • Wheel Bearing Replacement
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