Tire Rotation

Tires wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle, your driving style and the condition of your suspension.  Regularly rotating your tires can evenly distribute the wear helping you get the most mileage out of your tires while maximizing traction on all four wheels.

Our Master Certified Technicians can change the position of the tires on your vehicle according to your vehicle and tire manufacturer’s recommended rotation pattern.

Wheel Balance

Having your wheels balanced according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations can help ensure that your tires are spinning around as evenly as possible, which is important for optimal driving performance.  Day to day tire tread wear can also cause changes in the distribution of weight around the tire and wheel assembly.

Balancing your wheels minimizes potential vibration that is felt in your steering wheel, seat, or floorboards and aids in proper tire tread wear.

We include the following in our wheel balance service:

  • Tire and Wheel Removal
  • Mounting Each Wheel on a State of the Art Balancing Machine
  • Spinning Each Wheel to make sure the weight of the wheel and tire are balanced evenly around the axle
  • Detecting and Locating any Imbalance
  • Attaching a lead weight on the opposite side of the tire to compensate for weight differences
  • Remounting Tires and Wheels
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