Oil Change/Filter/Lube

There are parts of your engine that never touch, they ride on a thin film of oil. The main function of oil is to keep these moving parts separated from each other preventing damage and wear to your engine. Oil also acts as a coolant, as the oil circulates it carries the heat away that is generated through the combustion process.

Your motor oil helps keep the engine of your vehicle clean, constantly cleaning as it lubricates picking up and holding dirt and other contaminants and by products, turning oil into sludge. As your oil becomes saturated with these contaminants and cannot hold anymore in suspension, the excess falls out and can form deposits in the engine. Regular oil changes will remove the suspended contaminants before the sludge can form, helping keep your engine running cleaner and smoother.

The timing of your oil changes can depend on the type of vehicle you drive, where you drive and how you drive. This information can be found in your vehicle owner’s manual.

With your oil change at Rowley’s Tires & Automotive we will properly lubricate all of the grease fittings as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and top off fluids as necessary. Included in our 21 point inspection, we will inspect belts; hoses, tire air pressure, lights, and visually inspect other vehicle components.

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