Engine Analysis (Check Engine Light)

Check EngineOur Master Certified Technicians can perform a computerized engine analysis on your vehicle to keep your vehicles engine operating perfectly.  Today’s vehicle engine operates completely different than days gone by. Your engine is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment and present day regulations demand that vehicles be equipped with electronic engine control systems that help curb carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Our computer analysis of your engine is done using high-tech engine diagnostic equipment. A network of sensors and switches convert and monitor your engine’s operation conditions into electrical signals. The computer receives this information and based on the computer program commands are sent to three different systems, ignition, fuel, and emission control. There could be a number of factors resulting in a check engine light. Our technicians will put your vehicle through a series of diagnostic tests to determine the problem and get you back on the road quickly.

Your Vehicle’s Sensory Components are:

  • Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • Manifold Absolute pressure Sensor
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Exhaust Oxygen Sensor
  • Crankshaft Position Sensor
  • Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Oxygen Sensors
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