Rowleys Tires & Automotive Services provides complete brake repair service for passenger vehicles and light truck vehicles.  Our Master Certified Technicians inspect your entire brake system to locate the problem and do the repairs needed to your vehicle.

Your brakes should be checked every 8,000 to 10,000 miles. Our Master Certified Technicians will be able to check your brake system thoroughly that includes:

  • Check brake lining wear
  • Rotors
  • Fluid Levels
  • Hoses
  • Connecting Hardware

brake caliper disc brakeThe best way to check your brakes is by feeling the brake pedal, while driving you can often sense a problem with your brakes by the way the brake pedal feels. An example is if your pedal travels too far, feels to hard or soft, or if it pulses, these are warning signs and you should bring your vehicle into Rowleys Tires & Automotive Services as soon as possible to have your brakes checked.  These could be signs of worn brake pads and brake shoes, low brake fluid or worn rotors. A sure sign of bad brakes can be heard in brakes that squeal or grind when in use.

All braking system products meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications.


Shocks and Struts

monroe-sensa-trac-shocksShocks and struts are on your vehicle to limit how far the suspension can travel and help you maintain control of your vehicle. When working properly your vehicle will not bounce continually even when you are on an uneven road.

Worn struts and shocks can cause several problems on your vehicle:

  • Steering – shocks help distribute your car’s weight over all for tires, improving handling during turns.
  • Stopping – Shocks and brakes work together to help your vehicle stop sooner under certain driving conditions, by minimizing weight transfer to the front wheels.
  • Stability – Shocks and tires work together to help maximize tire-to-road contact, improving vehicle stability.

Our Master Certified Technicians have the skill and knowledge to inspect and repair your suspension system on your vehicle.

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