Belts / Hoses

Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s belts or hoses is an easy way to protect your car’s reliability and prevent costly repairs in the future.  Our Master Certified Technicians check your belts and hoses at each oil change. Routine inspections and preventative maintenance goes a long way when it comes to sustaining the condition of your vehicle.

The belts and hoses on your vehicle wear out faster than any other component in your car due to exposure to heat, vibration, and contamination. Regular inspections are very import to keep your vehicle in good running condition.

Some accessories in your vehicle are electrically powered by the charging system; others use the engine itself as their power source, delivered by a system of pulleys and belts. The alternator, water pump, power steering pump, the compressor for the air conditioning and the radiator cooling fan are some of accessories that would use this power source. Many late model vehicles use a single serpentine belt in place of individual belts to drive these accessories.


Typical hoses include radiator and heater hoses, fuel hose, and a power steering hose. The radiator and heater hoses convey coolant to the engine and heater core. The fuel hose transports gasoline from the tank to the engine and the hose for the power steering connects the pump to the steering gear.

Our expert technicians at Rowleys Tires & Automotive Services let you know when your belts and hoses need replacement and keep your vehicle running newer, longer without undue added expense.

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