interstateYou don’t think of your vehicle’s battery until one day you try to start your car and only hear the starter, then it clicks, then… nothing. Your car won’t start, leaving you with a dead battery.

Two of the main causes that damage a battery are excessive summer heat and overcharging, caused by a faulty component in the charging system itself, like your regulator. When this happens the battery becomes weaker over time and usually gives you problems when the cold weather hits. The engine oil thickens up in the winter, making the engine hard to crank, therefore if your battery is not in good shape you might be in for a surprise when cold weather hits.

To prevent problems with your battery before they happen you should have your battery checked once a year, especially if it is more than two years old. Our Master Certified Technicians will perform a battery load test to determine the strength and condition of your battery to make sure your charging system is working at peak condition.

To help keep your battery in good condition, perform the following on a routine basis:

  • Keep Your Battery Clean
  • Regularly check your battery’s terminals for corrosion
  • Check your cable connections to make sure they are tight

If you do need a new battery Rowleys Tires and Automotive Services has a full line of Interstate or Dynastart batteries. Our Master Certified Technicians can install your new battery, clean the battery tray, cables, and connectors and replace any needed parts. Our batteries come with a nationwide warranty.

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