CHEVY1Wheel Alignment along with tire/wheel balancing will help your tires last much longer, but they are two different things. A wheel alignment may be needed if your vehicle is pulling to the left or right when the steering wheel is in the straight ahead position or if your tires are wearing unevenly.

Wheel alignments and tire rotations are important to extend the wear of your tires and fuel savings, which could save you hundreds of dollars in the future. Our technicians perform a state-of-the-art computerized alignment on your vehicle.

Our Hunter Alignment System and Wheel Sensors combines cutting edge technology with state-of-the art software that delivers precise and accurate alignments to get your vehicle back within manufacturer’s specifications.

Permanently mounted digital video cameras constantly monitor our technicians’ progress by scanning the alignment targets on each wheel. The results are displayed in real-time on a computer monitor which gives us detailed information needed to make the necessary adjustments.

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